Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

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Egg Fried Rice. Chinese sustenance is so notable and people love to make it according to their own special taste. Today sharing egg burned rice recipe Pakistani style which is direct and easy to make at home.

At Hinz cooking, you will find the particular style of rice designs yet this egg burned rice relies upon people demand. In veg plans, you can in like manner find veg pulao. I have endeavored a substitute style of seared rice designs anyway this equation is solid and clear for foodies to endeavor at home.

You can watch this singed rice recipe in Urdu which is basic for neighborhood people to fathom the quick advance. Thusly, we should move in Hinz Cooking kitchen and set up this alluring egg scorched rice.

Egg Fried Rice Recipe Card

Fried Rice Recipe


Foamed Rice – 2 1/2 Cup

Half Cup – Cabbage

Half Cup – Capsicum

Carrots – Half Cup

Green Chilies – 3 Chopped

Eggs – 2

Garlic – 1 Tsp Grated


Soya Sauce

Dull Pepper


Cooking oil – 1 Tbsp


Fried Rice Recipe1

Splashed rice for 30 minutes.

Following 30 minutes heat up the rice.

Channel water and keep the rice as an idea in retrospect.

For best result, keep rice for 2 hours before making burned rice.

In a bowl, beat 2 eggs.

Remember salt and dull pepper for beaten eggs.

In a skillet add oil to make singed eggs.

Remember egg for oil and cook for few seconds on medium warmth by then blended using spoon/spatula.

Take it out and keep as an idea in retrospect.

By and by in a comparative holder, incorporate oil and saute ground garlic.

By then incorporate cabbage and saute with garlic.

By and by incorporate carrots, capsicum and green chillies.

Incorporate salt, dim pepper and diminish soya sauce.

Saute for a few minutes and a short time later incorporate percolated rice.

Incorporate salt and mix well high warmth.

By and by remember seared singed eggs for rice.

Moreover, by and by spread and cook on low warmth for two or three minutes.

In the wake of getting steam, singed rice is done and arranged to serve.

Magnificent “egg singed rice” is set up to eat! Serve it to your friends and family. They will treasure it and unmistakably will finish in a matter of seconds.

Happy watching and Have a playful eating time.

You can in like manner check other rice plans at Hinz cooking arrangement. We set up a grouping of sustenances for breakfast, lunch and dinner so in case you have any suggestion to prepare sustenance reliant on your bit of leeway you can similarly bestow to us in a comment territory or oblige us on Facebook to be a natural bit of Hinz planning sustenance arrange.

Fried Rice Recipe2

Burned Rice is commonly clear and brilliant dish, which is incredibly easy to cook. This rapid rice equation can be cooked in various fascinating habits with respect to the most concise possible time. This is a perfect go-to dish for each rice sweetheart. You just need a few successfully open fixings and you are an extraordinary thought to go! Here’s the manner in which you make this lip-smacking recipe at home by following four essential advances. Made with vegetables and cooked rice, it is a solid gala, which can be served for lunch or dinner. You can add your own bend to this awesome rice equation, if like it lively you can start by searing some dried red chilies, when the veggies are scorched and flood out a smoky flavor you can incorporate prepared rice and sautéed nourishment this astounding amalgamation of flavors and soy sauce. The best thing about this equation is that you can change fixings as per your feeling of taste tendency. To stress the kind of this basic rice recipe you can incorporate curds (paneer), soya protuberances, seared eggs or if you are a meat darling you can add your favored cooked meat to this dish. However,we will prescribe you to endeavor this equation for your loved ones. If you are a prosperity immensity, you can make this staggering dish with cooked darker rice and lots of veggies, this will make this scrumptious dish strong and delectable. It tastes best when given crisp bean stew paneer, stew chicken or manchurian. You can adorn this fundamental rice equation with recently divided coriander leaves.

Components of Fried Rice

Fried Rice Recipe3

500 gm percolated basmati rice

1/2 cup cut carrot

1/2 teaspoon squashed to stick garlic

1/2 teaspoon powdered dull pepper

1 tablespoon vinegar

1 tablespoon green bean stew sauce

4 presses salt

1 pack separated spring onions

1/2 cup sliced capsicum ( green pepper)

1/2 teaspoon squashed to stick ginger

11/2 tablespoon light soya sauce

2 tablespoon tomato ketchup

1/2 cup sunflower oil

Bit by bit directions to make Fried Rice

Fried Rice Recipe4

Stage 1

Incorporate 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp sunflower oil to rice and air pocket. Channel the water from gurgled rice and empower it to cool by spreading it on a plate. You can in like manner used cooked rice if you are in a jiffy.

Stage 2

Warmth a dish with 1/4 cup of oil on a moderate fire. Incorporate ginger garlic paste and fry till light dull hued. You can incorporate some green chilies as indicated by your feeling of taste preference.Add all of the vegetables like onions, hacked spring onions, capsicums. Cook this mix of veggies and flavors for a long time by always blending. Keep the sauteed vegetables aside.


Stage 3

Take another compartment and warmth 1/4 cup of oil on a moderate fire. Incorporate foamed rice and seared nourishment for 3 mins on sim flame.Now remember all the sauteed vegetables for the skillet and mix them well.Add soya sauce, vinegar, tomato sauce, green stew sauce, dull pepper powder, salt and mix well.Keep blending on medium fire till all of the sauces dry. State of mind executioner the glow and move singed rice in a serving bowl. Frivolity it with some recently sliced coriander leaves. Serve this rice equation with sauces of your choice.

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