Junglee Maas Recipe Authentic Mutton curry

Junglee Maas is an ordinary Rajasthani equation in which meat cooked with astoundingly less fixings. This dish used to masterminded Maharajas after their frequenting. They use to set up this recipe in the wild itself so they call it as Junglee Maas. Not a lot of fixings are required for this equation. In previous occasions they couldn’t pass on more fixings while frequenting. In spite of less flavors, this curry has the kind of its own.


Bit by bit guidelines to make Junglee Maas:

Junglee Maas recipe we use barely any fixings like onion, garlic, red chillis. Sheep releases it’s own juices while cooking in a low fire so you should not flood. The real charm of Junglee Maas begins from low fire figuratively speaking. On the other hand, don’t endeavor this recipe in a weight cooker. Nobody can tell that perfect flavor in a weight cooker or high fire. The low fire cooking method is used for making this equation. Because of less fixings, we can taste the real sort of sheep. This goes well with rice, roti, chapati, naan or pulao.

Get some answers concerning fixings:

Sheep: Mutton gives extraordinary flavor while cooking with fixings on the low fire. You can endeavor this recipe with chicken in like manner yet sheep tastes better. Cook the sheep until it ends up being sensitive and should show restriction. You can use sheep meat or goat. Despite that, sheep is stacked with protein and affluent in iron also.

Garlic and red chills: These are the principle flavors we are using in this equation. Garlic adds a splendid taste to the recipe and it is nutritious. It helps in lessening cholesterol and heartbeat. Kashmiri red chillis are the primary wellspring of flavor for this equation. Red chillis grows assimilation just as helps with infectious pollutions. So can endeavor this Junglee Maas when you are encountering hack and cold in addition.


Jungli maas is an awesome intensely hot sheep dish that is a strong point in Rajasthan. There is an intriguing story behind this dish; it was a dish that was made for the maharajas once they returned from their pursuing undertaking.

Dependent upon the day’s catch, a tasty curry was set up for the rulers using it and this was given the name Jungli Maas. This curry was at first made with stores of chilies so it would hide the aroma of the game that was being served to the maharajas and besides since the culinary pros couldn’t pass on a huge amount of fixings with them on a pursuing undertaking, the curry was genuinely made using just 2-3 fixings.

The wild hoard or deer had a very strong extraordinary taste and to cover it, a few flavors were used and this curry was cooked on low warmth for a significant long time.

Nowadays, all around succulent, fragile sheep pieces are used as meat to set up this one of a kind dish. Sheep is an impressive meat to cook with and is high in enhancements and iron, a part of various plans I’ve posted using sheep are Bengali Kosha Mangsho, Mutton Keema Kofta Curry, Mughlai Mutton Stew, Keema Bhindi, Aloo Gosht, Shalgam Ghost and a wonderful Gosht Yakhni Pulao.

This curry is up ’til now made at a segment of the celebrated houses in Jodhpur , Udaipur and Jaipur and it might be made with chicken too.

I see various plans over web which uses an assortment of flavors to make this dish which is unquestionably not a traditional strategy to make it.

If you are looking for a standard valid Rajasthani Jungli Maas recipe, this is the one. This 100 + years old equation has been passes on in my family for a long time and I am so appreciative to ensure it with most extraordinary pride.

To make this sublime and delicious sheep curry, ghee is warmed in a mind-boggling base compartment. At the point when the ghee is hot, squashed coriander seeds, garlic cloves, and dry stew are incorporated and singed for a few minutes.


By then the sheep pieces are incorporated with red bean stew powder and salt and burned on high warmth for a few minutes. The skillet is verified and cooked for not actually an hour until the sheep is fragile and cooked to faultlessness. This lively curry is to be served

This fiery curry can be served hot with any Indian style bread like Multigrain Roti, Dupalli Roti, Butter Garlic Naan or Naan.

This Rajasthani Jungli Maas equation is anything but difficult to make as it requires only two or three fixings and can be attempted.

Equation Notes

You can cook this equation in a constrain cooker also to fasten the path toward cooking.


4 tbsp mustard oil

1 cup onions

1/4 cup garlic

1/2 kg goat meat

10 sprinkled kashmiri red chillis

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp turmeric powder




directly off the bat, clean the meat with water or else add salt and turmeric to the meat and mix well, by then clean it with water and keep it aside.

Take a gigantic kadai and keep it on a medium fire. By then warmth the mustard oil in a kadai . Exactly when the oil is hot enough add 1 cup of onions to the kadai.

By then saute the onions until they become translucent or light dim hued concealing by covering the top. blend rarely while sauting the onions.

By then incorporate 1/4 cup of garlic and fry them close by the onions until the oil confines from onions and garlic.

By then add the goat meat to the kadai and mix well in with onion and garlic by then cook the meat. until the juices floods out from meat.

By then add doused kashmiri red chillis to the meat and blend well in with the objective that the meat holds the flavor and pizzazz from red chillis.


After the chills cooked along the meat, add salt and turmeric powder to the meat.and mix well.

By and by spread the spread and let the meat cook with all of the fixings so all of the flavors got in to the meat.

Finally, incorporate water and cook until the meat ends up being sensitive or else the meat secludes from the bone.

Serve the hot Junglee Mass with rice, roti, pulka or pulao.

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